Kibbutz Yotvata photo credit Olimac Gomez

What is Yotvata?

Yotvata is the name of an oasis in the desert of Negev in Israel, a few kilometres from Eilat.

It is mentioned three times in the Book of Deuteronomy, when the People of Israel, who had just been liberated from their enslavement under the Egyptians, prepared themselves to enter the Promised Land, flowing with milk and honey, which the Lord had promised the patrirchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

In the 1950s, the kibbutz of Yotvata sprung up in that area, specialising in the production of kosher dairy products and cheeses.

The Yotvata chain of restaurants is extremely popular and well known among Israelis. Foreigners too, who are visiting Israel and exploring its unique heritage, have fallen in love with Yotvata, as somewhere where you can taste authentic food prepared with ingredients from the kibbutz. 

Our restaurant springs from the same idea as that of Israel’s Yotvata.


We are the only kosher restaurant in Rome that produces its own cheese.

But what makes us really unique is how our cuisine captures the true essence of Jewish-Roman culinary culture.

Our menu is comprised of recipes handed down to us from our grandmothers and forefathers.

Our Jewish-style artichokes, marinated courgettes, anchovies with endives, fried vegetables – all are made in-house, just as our grandmothers made them 100 years ago.


The daily checks that Rome's rabbinate perform in our restaurant serve as another guarantee of salubrity in our choice of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

Our cuisine adheres to strict Kosher standards. Yotvata is a dairy restaurant, for which reason you will find neither any meat dish nor anything derived from meat.

Finally, all cheeses that we used are produced in the best Italian dairies, using milk rigidly checked from the time of milking until the end of the cheese-making process.

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